Have you ever wondered what your kids learn about living life by watching you? What life strategies are you modeling for your kids? What are you teaching your kids about confidence and self-esteem? Are they learning to communicate effectively, or is it more of a one-sided conversation, with you talking and them listening? Do you help your kids understand the value of discipline, or are you too busy to follow through with it? Do you let your kids experience the consequences of their decisions, or do you let them off the hook? Are your kids able to work through disappointments, or do you try to fix things so they don’t have to? Are you aware of the things you do that create selfishness or gratitude in your children? What do your kids learn about healthy relationships from watching how you interact with others? Are your kids plugged into your value system, or do you think they will just figure it out on their own?

In Parenting Your Kids with Purpose, Susie Meals provides powerful insights that will challenge you to examine how you relate to your children and what they internalize because of it. You will more fully understand the role you play in helping your children develop beliefs, behaviors, and practices that are cultivated in childhood and then blossom in adulthood.

Learn How...

Nurturing positive life strategies in your children sets the stage for success in adulthood. The choices you make regarding how to parent your children affect their level of confidence and self-esteem, their ability to communicate effectively, their level of self-discipline, how they make decisions and deal with the outcomes, how they handle disappointments, whether they have a sense of gratefulness or entitlement, how they relate to others, and their value system.

In These Pages You Will Uncover...

  • The role you play in developing your child’s level of self-esteem and confidence.
  • What your child learns from you about how to communicate.
  • The secret regarding discipline and how it affects your children now and in the future.
  • Tips for developing decision-making skills in your children and the important lessons they learn from experiencing consequences and accountability.
  • The truth about how your kids develop selfishness, along with a sense of false entitlement, and how to turn these into gratitude.
  • The importance of letting your kids experience disappointment without you fixing things for them.
  • The purpose and benefit of having healthy relationships.
  • Why faith is so important.

Recognizing harmful, negative behaviors and beliefs in yourself and changing them is the first step in helping your children develop positive life strategies.

  • Being confident and having a healthy self-image of your own helps your children be confident and develop a healthy self-image of their own.
  • Modeling and encouraging effective communication skills in your children sets the stage for them to be more successful as they move through school and also gives them an advantage going into adulthood.
  • Modeling and using discipline with your children will help them develop it in their own life and help to build character.
  • Teaching your children good decision-making skills and modeling these for them in action will help them become more independent thinkers.
  • Experience is a great teacher! Small consequences for small things when your children are young will help them avoid big consequences for big things later on.
  • Allowing your children to experience and work through disappointments, rather than you always stepping in to fix it for them, will make them stronger!
  • It’s okay if your children do not get everything they want, but when you do give to them, teach them gratitude and appreciation so they don’t become selfish and operate with a sense of entitlement.
  • Your children will learn how to foster relationships by watching you, whether positive or negative.
  • Faith plays an important role in developing your value system and living a life of fulfillment and integrity.


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